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Event photography is a very board area of photography.  It encompasses a very diverse list of type of events.  There is often a misconception that event photography is simple.  In fact it is not straight-forward to properly cover an event and produce news worthy photos in a timely manner.  It takes years of practice for a photographer to put himself or herself in the best position to capture great images.  Before the actual event, a professional event photographer spend time researching the what, who and where of the event.  What is the event about?  Who are the key participants?   Will the event location have an impact on photography?  On the day of the event, a professional goes in with his equipment and execute his/her game plan.  With proper preparation and experience, a professional event photographer captures the right shots effectively and efficiently.  After the event, the photographer cull, keyword and/or edit the images in a timely manner.  Once the final work is ready, they are either uploaded to a news media site, or deliver using the client's preferred method.

Event PHotography Service

As a seasoned Toronto event photographer, I am experienced in covering the following types of event:

  • Fashion and runway shows
  • Public parades and festivals
  • Sporting events

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