What is the easiest way to get the shutter count from a Sony A7iii?

A simple tool to check Sony A7iii shutter life

The easiest way to find the shutter count on the Sony A7iii camera is by using the free tool Exiftool. This command line utility works on both Windows and MacOS computers. First, download either the Windows executable or MacOS package from Phil Harvey’s website. Then follow the instruction on the site to setup the tool. Next, take a photo with your A7iii and copy it to your computer. On a Windows command prompt or a Mac terminal window, run the exiftool command and pass the name of your image to it. For example, on a windows command prompt, it will look like this:


As you can see, the tool extracts information from an image file taken with the Sony A7iii. About two third of the way down, you will see a line with the keyword “Image Count”, as seen on the following screen shot:


The camera used to take this example image has a shutter count of 1392. You may have notice that there are 2 other rows with the “Image Count” keyword, and they all display the same shutter count value. To my knowledge they always show identical values.

Any alternative and free tools?

Another free tool for checking Sony camera shutter count is picmeta. I have have seen it working on previous Sony cameras such as the A7ii and A6300. It is a Windows based visual tool and it is even easier to use than exiftool. Unfortunately it does not report shutter count for the A7iii - it displays zeros all the time.